Pre-Departure Event


Pre-Departure Events

At FFSD, we believe in turning dreams into realities and ensuring that nothing stands in the way of your happiness and excitement as you achieve your goals. That’s why, each year, prior to the start of every academic session, we organize the Pre-departure Event for successful and prospective international students.

Just recently, we concluded a highly successful Pre-departure Event at Radisson Hotel, Isaac John Street, Ikeja GRA Lagos. This event brought together a diverse group of students who have obtained their visas and are ready to embark on their much-anticipated educational journeys abroad.

Filled with excitement and anticipation, our team, along with seasoned guest speakers, provided invaluable insights into various aspects of the study abroad experience, including cultural adaptation, academic expectations, and essential travel tips. Beyond being an informative session, this event also served as a platform for building a supportive community among our students, fostering connections that will enhance their overseas education adventures.

The Pre-departure Event showcased FFSD Education’s commitment to ensuring the smooth transition of our students from their home countries to their chosen international destinations. Through engaging presentations and interactive sessions, attendees received practical guidance on navigating the intricacies of living and studying abroad.

As our students eagerly prepare to spread their wings, we are confident that the knowledge and connections gained during this event will serve as a strong foundation for a successful and fulfilling academic experience overseas and beyond.

Join us as we continue to support you throughout your educational journey and beyond.

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